ninjas r comin

October 13, 2007 at 7:27 pm | Posted in beta, beta cp, Blogroll, bugs, chicken, club penguin, cp, cp rox, games, hack, hat man, hatman, hi, lol, me, misshin, ninja, ninja cp, partys, penguins, pepper, pin, rockhopper, severs, shcool, stuff, stuff you need to know, toolbar, Uncategorized, wordpress, wp, yakamo cp | 3 Comments

 look ninja shadows lol




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  1. i hope ninjas r comin’ to cp once i saw a video on youtube and he said ninja suits r comin’ in summer or spring! i hope thats true if it is 🙂 if not 😦 i found a ninja mask and belt in the sport shop and gift shop in the hock helmet vizer it’s really a ninja mask! and in the gift shop like i said that green scarf the white thing-a-ma-jig its a ninja belt buckle! and i’ve tried that wait in the dojo for 30 minutes poo and it doesn’t work and i found ninja shadows! in the lighthouse behind the net its a ninja head! and in the ski lodge in the mirror its a ninja body! and in the dojo in the top right and left hand corners there is ninja flippers and thats all a know about ninjas i hope there is a play called: ninja attack os somthin’ i just hope ninjas r comin’ to cp

  2. i wonder who would win runescape or clubpenguin well u can kill goblins and imps in runescape 1 point for runescape for vilance and clubpenguin has u can buy a lot of stuff and earn coins 2 points for mini games and clothes and back to runescape well u can buy armour 1 point for runescape for cool looking clothes and now back to clubpenguin u can have lots of fun trieing to be a ninja 1 point for clubpenguin for awsome mystories and now i guess we can announce the winner

    and the winner is: clubpenguin!


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