eater eggs

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Hey guys, Boopeh here. I’m here to tell you about the Easter Eggs.

First of all, i’m going to tell you all the locations.

Eggs are highlighted in white.

1st egg:
It’s in the Cave.
2nd Egg:
It’s at the Dock.
3rd Egg:
It’s at the Pet Shop.
4th Egg:
It’s at the Book Room.
5th Egg:
It’s at the Gift Shop.
6th Egg:
It’s at the Plaza.
7th Egg:
It’s at the Ski Attic. You have to move your cursor over the box first.
8th Egg:
It’s at the Dojo. But you have to click it quickly, it will disappear and start appearing in different places.

Now for the prize when you get them all.
This is the prize:
The prize is the green bunny ears.

Well, that’s all for now!
Waddle On!


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