About me

a-pic-of-me.jpghi my penguin name is hatmanpepper i go on the sever mamoth and frozen if u see me be my buddy my other guys are boblink dude and ninja z99 i am not a hacker am a member  lol! my penguin was made on january 20 2007 http://forums.penguinposters.net/widgets/iden_card2.php?id=697



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  1. 🙄 🙄 :mrgreen:

  2. YO, This is Dry ice1000, I would say you are well on your way to being famous…. Keep it up !!!!!!!

  3. im a doodle

  4. I am tgameboy10 :happy:

  5. my mum know the song ‘you caN DRIVE my car’ she likes it!

  6. dude nice song it rocks!

  7. 🙂 hi

  8. Hi , im Pinkythebrai ( you mgith thinke i am a girl ) i am a PSA menber , i like ur music! i have being trying to contact you , i hope you can!

    PSA Menber Qualified All Missions

  9. Sorry about that i am NOT a girl i fegot to ad it 🙂

    PSA Membe Qualified All Missons

  10. Hatmanpewpper i think im disapointed with u

  11. OMG!!! thats ny fave song and ppl think im weird cuz i listen to The Beatles!!!!!!!WHATS WRONG WITH THAT??? >.< -Tourmaline91

  12. ws ub

    2nd to top psa member

  13. hey hatmanrete

  14. hi

  15. bob link is 🙄

  16. BOB LINK ❗

  17. hey hatmanpepper, u told me major7 (lolz3) wrote am mean comment about me what did she say?
    HATMANPEPPER: i forgot

  18. Hatmanpepper will you go on icebound in the cove so I can meet you?

  19. CLICK HERE PLZ!!!!!!!!

    link removed

    Also, Hatman rules

    (Srry 2 make ya click dere

  20. 🙂

  21. ok?

  22. my peng is sammywrinkle

  23. hi dude how old are u now im like 10 years old and im in grade four if u see me my user is nptpsp 8D =D

  24. my username is FLapflap41

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