hatmanppepper in real life :D

y-and-h.jpgabout me in real life i am 10 im a boy im in 4th grade and club penguin rox 🙂 i like thes books a to z mysteries i like the beatls music i cant tell u my name and i live in illinois 😀 😛



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  1. yakamo is hat mans friend in real life

  2. yes 😐

  3. Thats okay u can only do ur first name NOT lastname i can tell u my first name

    My name is ‘Kyle’

  4. i live in United Kingdom But i live in Greater London

  5. zomg im 9 too and in 3rd grade

  6. hey dude cool site but ive herad your a stalker and hacker but you dont seem like one on your site anyways reply bakc to the commet and cool im nine too but im in 4th grade you oproly are in 4th garde too but you ahvent updated this

  7. no im in 3rd

  8. Im not sure what grade I AM IN becasue im not an american/canadian

    im in year four.

  9. Yo mrakd im wit u there coz i duno wat grade im in either coz i live in GB but im in yr5 im 9 like you

  10. hatmanpeper!!! isaw saw u on club penguin!!!! i wwas that dude called monkeyboy50 that asked u to b my budd!

  11. BUT U SAID NO!!!!!!!! :0

  12. sorry dude

  13. Im not nine im 8 aqnd its gunna be my bday in a few days

  14. soz bout finkin u were nine dude but it aint mi bday for ages and by the way hant man p i wanna meet u

  15. yo hatmanpepper i wanna met you can you arrange it club penguin time

  16. im turning 11 and im in 4th grade

  17. Im in 4th grade

  18. WHAT MY PASS IS 12444455568444

  19. do you go to glen oaks. And i live in illionois too.

  20. wat happens if you click on the do not click here sign

  21. Ure 9 ? im 10 i wonder if you ever heard of somone who lived in England , Irland & France ? anyway SEYA on Club Penguin!

  22. dude you rock i say that and i’m 14.

  23. my name is nick not last i live in caloforniya but my dads in illinoy!im in 10th grade.

  24. dude can you meet me on cp at like 5:30 or somthing tomarrow my guy is scarcross plz!

  25. o ya me have a 10 year bro and hes in 3rd he got held back.

  26. im in year 4 live in united kindom

  27. Hey i know what grade i am in!!!

    im 9 years old and hatmanpepper ur in yr4 as well im in the 3rd grade it was my bday on the 1st of nov so im not gunna have a party!

  28. OMG UR 9?!?!?! people r young on cp!! and my bdays yesterday!! im 11!

  29. in 10,grade 3,boy,mo.


  31. I AM 9 IN 3RD GRADE TOO!

  32. im hat mans friendin reall life

  33. i like thoes to things

  34. my name is Kyle

  35. I’m a guy im in 3rd grade too i’m 8

  36. oh my god your only 9 i bet your so sweet i love year 3s ( oh and year 3 is 3gred in united kingdom) oh and i am 13

  37. 😯

  38. 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯

  39. 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯

  40. Hey man!!! How do you make a site? I’m 10 and i’m in 4th grade 😀

  41. yo how do you make a site (I aint a computer geek). I’m 9 and in 4th grade

  42. well im oldar than you hatmanpepper i wanted to be young but now i want the truth. im 12 years old and im in 7th grade

  43. im not banned forever on mrakd. i have two other penguins that are backup penguins, One called Whillis and the other called Mrakd1

  44. YOU ROCK HATMANPEPPER!!!! I’m 9 and in 4th grade.

  45. Hey whatup554 ill give you the answer to your question! go to http://www.wordpress.com to make a site
    and if you wanna know the basics of wordpress, then go to http://www.wordpress.org

    if wordpress is to difficult for you, then make a site at http://www.freewebs.com, its much easier

  46. Thanks! You rock!

  47. U r 9?!?! That’s pretty young. Lol to tell the truth im 12. Whatevs

  48. lol your only 9? Im 12 turning 13


  49. im 13 in 8th the names Brett but ppl call me Beefcake, B-Cake, B-Flight, Godzilla, Lefty, and Hattrick. i live in Brick NJ wich ROX HARD!!!

  50. i dont realy no…..

  51. i am 9 my 10th bday is on 23 on the 15 go on it and celebrate 🙂 :mrgreen:

  52. im 9 in grade 4

  53. i live in illinois to

    my user name is Brady43

  54. i live in L.A

  55. Kool,
    Im 12 my b-day was last thursday and im going in grade 7 but i love club penguin!:)

    And i live in new brunswick canada! 🙂

  56. i live in Edmonton canada alberta and my name is anish and am 8! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  57. Well now in 10- 4th grade
    Hatmanpepper: me tooooooooo LOL

  58. I have ADD…..
    They say i have ADD but they just dont understa…
    Hey look a kitty!!!

  59. Hey hat man, will you please be my bud on cp?
    hatmanpepper: fine

  60. Hatman I really am famous and im ten years old in Pannslyvania

  61. im in grade 5 im 11 wen do u go on club penguin?????? i will add you and you hack get penguin storm its the best

  62. hi

  63. hey i love a to z mystires to!

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